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Frequency of use

The more people that make use of a shredder, the more it is put to the test. Some shredders are more suited for a crowded environment than others. 

So which shredder is suited for which environment? 

The amount of sheets per feed
Every paper shredder is designed to shred paper. However, differences arise in the amount of sheets that can be shredded per feed. When purchasing a shredder, it is important to take this into account. In more crowded (office) environments, more documents need to be shredded than at home for example. If your shredder is not equipped for that, it might get overheated. In general, the bigger and more heavy-duty shredders are capable of handling more sheets per feed and are more suited for larger environments.

Noise of your paper shredder (noise level in dB)
All papershredders are equipped with an electric motor, driving the cutting blades. When in operation, this motor makes some motoric noise. The amount of noise depends on the type of paper shredder. Bigger, heavier and more expensive models, often produce less noise than lower priced and smaller ones. If you'll be using the paper shredder in an environment whith a lot of co-workers or where a telephone is frequently used, you might want to opt for a shredder with a low noise level in dB. This is listed for all shredders, allowing you to conventiently choose the most silent shredder for your situation.

Waste bin size (in liters)
The bigger the paper shredder, the bigger the waste bin for particles or strips. A bigger waste bin simply allows you to shred more documents, cards or CD's before having to empty the bin. Waste bin size is indicated at every shredder in our assortiment, in liters. It's also possible to place a bag in your waste bin, making it easier to empty it.


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